Architecture evokes responses at every moulding of its shapes, at every change of space, at the delicate change of light and at the transformation of textures and materials. We conceived architecture out of the passion that it expresses, out of our learnings, our roots, out of our very own soul.

Every interior space has a life from whatever perspectives we may have of it. It has to be conceived to possess multiple potential identities. Identities to be discovered and expressed through design, colors, shapes and textures, that reach out our clients' emotions.



Waves lab collaborates with post graduate research groups and was conceived as a think tank, where innovative ideas may have their space to be developed through research and studio programs, fundamentally questioning current architectural and urban issues and investigating potential alternatives, including everything from collective housing models to new high-rise typologies and the opportunities presented by urban farming, renewal energy, natural resources as green, water and refuse cycles.



Sustainability is more than smart marketing or fashion trademark; it means more than just adding solar panels or removing A/C devices from design plans. Sustainable development is waves lab's main agenda and company's soul, with the aim to fundamentally respond to our collective responsibility to contribute to our society. It is a holistic concept which stretches far beyond energy-performance to include added-value, resilience, and even the quality of user experience.

Quality is the motivation to change habits of consumption; not demanding less consumption but demanding a more intelligent definition of consumption through better and smarter buildings, urban environments and a positive balance between cities and nature.